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•Promotions: A promotion is based on the approval of products/services since Ashley will be actually using it and promoting it genuinely with her followers. This is ideal for repetitive brand awareness, reviews and work well when paired Ashley's blogging services.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ••Brand Ambassadorship: Brand Ambassadorship is a mid to long-term (min 2 months) where Ashley is an ambassador for your brand, posting 1x/wk (frequency can be negotiated). Similar to promotions, the product/service must be approved by Ashley. This is ideal for long-term customer engagement & to help legitimize your brand. Double the conversions by pairing this service with Ashley's Blogging services.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ••Advertisement: An advertisement is simply an ad, you choose the caption and photo (Ashley can be in the photo if wanted), but the caption will have #ad so that Ashley's loyal followers aren't confused with her promoting the product. This is ideal for repetitive brand awareness.
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